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Affordable Holiday Advertising with Printed Paper Bags

Let your brand shine even more this holiday season with personalised paper bags. Printed paper bags will bring your promotion to life at attractive prices. Whether you're looking for the perfect packaging for a corporate event, a holiday party or for a retail store, Vivid Promotions offer a wide selection of promotional paper bags available for customisation for maximum impact. 

From kraft paper bags to white paper bags, laminated paper bags, mini paper bags and coloured paper bags, we have the perfect paper bag for your needs. Below is a quick preview of our best-selling branded paper bags.

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Printed Kraft Paper Bags, Carnival Gift Paper Bags, Cheap Custom Paper Bags and more

White Kraft Large Btq Paper Bag With Sale Printing

White Kraft Large Btq Paper Bag With Sale Printing
Product Code: BDBW4SALE

Planning a huge holiday sale to treat your loyal customers? Then you'd want to add this White Kraft Large Btq Paper Bag With Sale Printing to your packaging stash.

What makes this branded paper bag extra special is the massive "SALE" printing in bold red against a white backdrop. You barely have to lift a finger to draw more potential customers to take advantage of the holiday sale.

This white Kraft paper bag features a twisted paper handle, a gusset and 30% coverage area for your 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration.

One (1) Colour Print, 2 Sides

Qty Price
500 $2.48
1000 $1.09
1500 $0.96

Citrus Orange Coloured Gift Paper Bag

Citrus Orange Coloured Gift Paper Bag
Product Code: BDBSOSO

Add some vibrant colour and appeal to your advertising with this Citrus Orange Coloured Gift Paper Bag. Perfect for small items, this packaging option is made of quality paper in bold orange to beautifully highlight your imprinted logo. 

Perfect for retailers, this custom paper bag is sure to impress without breaking the budget. Ensure maximum promotional impact with a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration on 1 or both sides of the bag.

Check out more bright coloured paper bags at Vivid Promotions.

One (1) Colour Print, 1 Side

Qty Price
500 $1.10
1000 $0.83
1500 $0.76
2500 $0.70
3000 $0.61

Gloss Laminated Bag Black Portrait With Rope Handle

Gloss Laminated Bag Black Portrait With Rope Handle
Product Code: PSAPS4604_P

Inject some class and upscale look to your advertising with this Gloss Laminated Bag Black Portrait With Rope Handle. 

An excellent choice for promotional gifts, this shiny and customisable packaging option will ensure your imprinted logo is the first thing your clients see. Complete the look with a screen print decoration to keep your logo exposed.

Screen Print (1) Colour, 1 Position

Qty Price
100 $3.92
250 $3.10
500 $2.67
1000 $2.43
2500 $2.25

Full Colour Paper Bags

Your holiday promotional message is on full display on these Full Colour Paper Bags. Available in a gloss laminate finish, these custom gift bags will add a touch of class to your packaging. Completing the fancy look are rope handles in black, white, red, blue or brown colours. These Full Colour Paper Bags also come with a 300gsm reinforced base for added durability.

Perfect for retail and boutique stores, these Full Colour Paper Bags allow you to be more creative with your decoration or artwork.

Contact us with your requirements so you can start the holiday season with the right packaging option.

Brown Kraft Paper Bag - Small Boutique

Looking for the perfect brown paper bag? Look no further than custom printed Kraft bags. This Brown Kraft Paper Bag in small boutique size is an affordable and eco-friendly choice for your store. It's also an excellent choice for the holiday season if you want to keep your packaging presention classic and low profile.

Made of eco-friendly brown paper complete with gusset and paper twist handle, this promotional Kraft bag is sturdy for carrying a variety of items. It's even durable enough for reuse later. As for decoration, this promotional bag is available for a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration.

Laminated Gloss Madison Black Paper Bag

Paper bags with handles like this Laminated Gloss Madison Black Paper Bag will add some shine to your advertising at an affordable cost. Featuring a shiny and glossy texture, this custom printed bag will beautifully complement and highlight your imprinted logo. Completing the classy look are the rope handle for portability and gusset for added durability.

For decoration, this Laminated Gloss Madison Black Paper Bag is available for a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration.

Deluxe White Kraft Paper Bag - Baby

Stick with the classic, add this Deluxe White Kraft Paper Bag in baby size to your packaging options. Branded white paper bags with handle are always a hit no matter the time of the year.

Made of deluxe Kraft paper complete with gusset, this eco-friendly packaging is a great alternative to plastic bags. Now your brand can enjoy more extra exposure long after the sale has been completed. Just make sure your logo is well displayed via 1 or 2 colour screen printing for maximum impact.

Red Coloured Striped Kraft Paper Bag - Small Boutique

When it comes to holiday season advertising, you can't go wrong with red paper bags. Just like this Red Coloured Striped Kraft Paper Bag in small boutique sizes.

This packaging option isn't only eco-friendly and reusable but its colour is a perfect match for the festive season. Added features include a rope handle and gusset for an upscale look at an affordable cost. Customise this fancy Kraft paper bag with your logo for maximum brand visibility.

This Red Coloured Striped Kraft Paper Bag offers 30% imprint coverage for a 1 or 2 colour print decoration on one or both sides of the bag.

Red Spot Kraft Toddler Paper Bag

Spread the festive mood and your promotional message like wildfire with this imprinted Red Spot Kraft Toddler Paper Bag. A fun and eye-catchy packaging to wrap up your holiday advertising, this custom gift bag features a spotted look complete with a twisted paper handle and a gusseted design for added durability.

Like all our custom kraft paper bags, this special packaging is available for customisation. We offer 1 or 2 colour print decoration on 1 or both sides of the bag for maximum visibility on the go.

We have more colours and sizes of these Spotted Kraft Paper Bags at Vivid Promotions.

Laminated Matte Ruby Hot Pink Paper Bag

Give your next promotion a more upscale and hotter look with this Laminated Matte Ruby Hot Pink Paper Bag. Featuring a beautiful matte texture, this branded gift bag is sure to get your target market excited and hooked on your brand from the get-go. Complete with a rope handle and gusset, this fancy and reusable laminated paper bag is also an ideal choice for boutiques and retail stores.

Customise this Laminated Matte Ruby Hot Pink Paper Bag with your screen printed logo in 1 or 2 colour to showcase your logo all the way home. Logo imprint can be displayed on 1 or both sides of the bag.

Sunny Yellow Kraft Toddler Paper Bag

Packaging makes a lot of difference if you want a successful holiday promotion. For a bold and vibrant appeal, Sunny Yellow Kraft Toddler should do the job.

Made of eco-friendly and reusable Kraft paper, this packacing option is a must-have for retail stores. It comes complete with a twisted paper handle and gusset for a more upscale appeal. Top off the bright backdrop with a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration for maximum impact.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Your next promotion is in the bag with custom printed Brown Kraft Paper Bags. Complete with rope handles in black, it will be easier for your customers to carry and show off your logo everywhere. Even better, this packaging option is available for a full colour print decoration all over the bag for maximum impact.

Now you can get more creative with your design to perfectly match your promotional needs. To available Kraft Paper Bags in bulk, contact us with your artwork and requirements.

Laminated Matte Madison Gold Paper Bag

Nothing like a fancy paper bag to complete your holiday promotional plan. Designed to add some class and upscale appeal to your advertising, this Laminated Matte Madison Gold Paper Bag boasts is sure to impress from the get-go. Added features include a rope handle and gusset so it's easier for customers to carry your message on the go.

This Laminated Matte Madison Gold Paper Bag is available unprinted but we'd recommended a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration on 1 or both sides of the bag for maximum impact.

Custom Printed Paper Bags for Holiday Advertising Blog

Promotional Products Ranked According to Usefulness


Choosing the best promotional products for your advertising needs can be tough. Just looking at the massive amounts of promotional items to compare, the process is already intimidating as it is.

So how do you make sure you're choosing the right items for your advertising?

One factor to consider is usefulness.

According to the ASI's 2016 Impressions Study, if there's one thing consumers look for, it's a practical product they can use. When consumers find your promotional giveaway useful, they're likely to keep it for a long time. And that means longer brand exposure for your brand and ultimately, more returns on your investment.

If you want customers to not just like your product but also keep it, give a useful incentive. So you know which products to invest in, here are the best promotional products ranked according to usefulness.

Promotional Pens

promotional-pens promotional products

Promotional pens win over other choices when it comes to usefulness. Students, professionals and everyone in between find it useful for everyday note-taking. Which is why personalised pens are also a top choice for practically any advertising event.

USB Drives

promotional flash drivesFor tech-related promotions, imprinted USB drives win the game. Promotional flash drives are especially a useful incentive for today's tech-savvy customers. It's a perfect match for modern consumers' digital lifestyle.


promotional Calendars & DiariesAnother useful promotional product that will promote your brand year-round without breaking the budget is personalised calendars.

Promotional Bags

custom printed bagsWhile promotional pens and USB drives may be more useful, promotional bags are always a hit with consumers because they're not only useful, they're also attractive and enjoyable to have.

Here's a quick guide on how to choose custom printed bags for your promotion.

Mobile Power Banks

promotional-power-banksMobile power banks also made it to the most useful promotional products list. Whether for office or travel use, these tech accessories are a must-have for mobile owners. With printed power banks, your brand is always ready to save the day anywhere, anytime.

Desk Accessories

promotional desk accessoriesConsumers also consider desk accessories useful. They come handy for school or office work and they also last a long time. But the best part, most desk accessories are also incredibly affordable. If you're on a tight budget, promotional desk accessories are your best bet.

Branded Drinkware

promotional drinkwareOur most useful promotional products list wouldn't be complete without branded drinkware. For customers who especially love to bring their coffee on the go, promotional travel mugs are the best incentive. High quality stainless steel mugs, in particular, are a huge with many consumers.

Promotional Safety Items

promotional safety itemsNot as enjoyable as other promotional products but still very useful, promotional safety items like first-aid kits are a must-have for household, office or on the road use. Safety items are best for safety-related campaigns.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

Custom Printed UmbrellasPerfect for the summer or rainy season, customers love to receive custom printed umbrellas for giveaways. Not just useful but also widely visible, promotional umbrellas are great for sporting and outdoor events. Just make sure your logo is imprinted in place for maximum visibility all day.

Branded Outerwear

Branded OuterwearBranded outerwear completes our most useful promotional products recommendations. This type of giveaways is also the most enjoyable to have according to the majority of consumers. Not only that but they also rate imprinted outerwear as the most attractive.

How to Choose the Best Promotional Items for Your Next Event


best promotional itemsNo business can withstand any competition unless there are some strategic marketing plans involved. This is especially true if your company is a new start-up. And one of the classic strategies that always work is business promotion through the best promotional items.

But there's just one problem.

With the massive selection of promotional products available, choosing one can be overwhelming. Should you opt for cheap imprinted keyrings? How about personalised pens? Or what about custom printed mugs or personalised tote bags?

How are you supposed to go through the selection process? This is exactly why we created this quick guide to choosing the best promotional items for your business. Here are key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for promotional products:

A reflection of your brand

Promotional products, as the name suggests, are used to promote your brand, which means you can't just pick a product because it's cheap. For the best promotional items to do their magic, that is boost brand awareness and customer loyalty, they should reflect what your company is about.

the-shell-cinch-tote-bag-promotional-tote-bagsFor example, if you own a coffee shop, promotional mugs seem like the perfect choice. If you run a boutique store, custom printed paper bags are a great way to draw more customers. Personalised tote bags are also an excellent alternative to plastic bags. They're not only eco-friendly, they can be reused for a long time too.

Take this personalised Shell Cinch Tote Bag. Featuring a trendy look with an open main compartment and drawstring rope cinch closure, this promotional bag is sure to impress. Personalised with a 1 colour print logo decoration, this tote bag is a perfect match for retail stores and related businesses.

Practical and trendy

When choosing the best promotional items, it's ideal to consider products that are useful and trendy. Even if it might cost you, the investment will pay off especially if your customer can use it daily and for a long time. Promotional items that are useful leave a more lasting and positive impact on customers.

knoxville-laptop-conference-bagYou'd also want to think of items that are trendy. This Knoxville Laptop Conference Bag, for example, may be more useful for today's tech-savvy customers than just a regular conference bag. With laptops considered now a necessity more than a luxury, this personalised laptop bag features a dedicated compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop complete with padding for protection on the go.

Added features include a front pocket for extra storage and adjustable shoulder strap for portability all day. For decoration, a bold screen printing or a classy embroidery is recommended.

Personalised with valuable info

It's also great to pick promotional products that can do more than just promote your brand. The best promotional items can also include relevant and valuable information for maximum impact. That means displaying more than just a colour printed or embroidered display of your logo. Some items can include salient information like your website, contact numbers and more.

Rather than rely on business cards that are likely to end up in the trash, your marketing efforts will go far with the right promotional items.

white kraft paper bagsTake this White Kraft Small Paper Bag with Sale Printing for example. Featuring an eye catchy "SALE" printing and also available for your custom printed logo and other info, this packaging option is all you need to draw potential customers. With this packaging option, you get to boost brand awareness while promoting an ongoing sale for your store.

Match your audience's lifestyle

Promotional products can offer massive returns on investment if you picked the right items. The best promotional items especially the ones customers can use for a long time are perfect for long-term advertising.

So how do you select the right product for your next promotion? You only have to look at your audience's lifestyle.

summit-checkpoint-friendly-computer-caseIf they are busy executives who frequently travel, this Summit Checkpoint-Friendly Computer-Case makes an ideal incentive. Packed with features and incredibly portable, this branded laptop bag will not only safely pack a 15-inch laptop but it's also checkpoint-friendly. Breezing through security checkpoints at the airport will be faster than ever. For todays busy professionals, convenience doesnt get any better than that.

While your customers travel, your brand also travels with them. Just make sure the checkpoint-friendly laptop bag is personalized with your screen printed or embroidered logo.

Choose quality over quantity

When it comes to leaving a lasting brand impression, quality always trumps quantity. Yes, quality promotional products may be expensive but you can also count on these items to promote your brand for a long time.

So don't be tempted to settle for the cheapest promotional items available. Instead look for quality products that are sure to impress. You may not reach as many customers as you would with a cheap giveaway but you're guaranteed to win them over for good.

If your audience is busy professionals, we offer deluxe conferences bags, which make an excellent corporate gift idea.

leicester-conference-bagThis Leicester Conference Bag is one of our bestsellers for good reasons. Not only does it look beautifully professional but it's packed with features to carry everyday essentials including laptop, documents, mobile phones and more. But best of all, this promotional product offers a very visible branding area ready for a digital or transfer print.

Ready to invest in the best promotional items?

If you're ready to invest in the best promotional items, let Vivid Promotions help you. We offer one of the best selections of custom printed products in the market. Head over to our website and start shopping today.

6 Key Considerations When Ordering Custom Printed Shopping Bags


custom printed shopping bagsBelieve it or not, promotional products can do wonders for your business. Custom printed bags, in particular, are very effective in generating more brand impressions at an affordable cost. Offer customers custom printed shopping bags for an incentive, for example, and you're likely to improve business potential from 55% to 85% according to a recent impressions study.

Whether for bulk advertising or a special event, custom printed bags are always a hit. But like with choosing other promotional items, there are important considerations to keep in mind before finalising your orders.

Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing custom printed shopping bags:

1. Advertising purpose

What are you trying to achieve? This is one key question to ask when strategizing a marketing plan. Do you want to boost brand awareness, introduce a new product or gain customer loyalty? Once you've established the purpose of your advertising, it will be easier to choose the right type of promotional bag to invest in.

2. Types of promotional bags

Promotional bags, in general, are always a hit. They're visible and reusable ensuring long-lasting promotional rewards. But these custom printed bags also differ in functionality. Here are some types of bags for your advertising needs:

Promotional Backpacks

promotional-outdoor-backpackBackpacks are great for hiking, school or office use. They're also usually more pricey than other types of bags. These ones are great for corporate events and special occasions.

Take this Outdoor Backpack for example. Packed with features and space, this rugged backpack is an excellent gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. Features include a double zippered main compartment with padded back, large mesh side pockets and an additional front pocket for maximum storage.

Custom laptop bags

cheap-laptop-bag-with-flapPromotional laptop bags are another excellent choice for corporate events. A must-have for today's tech-savvy professionals, this type of promotional giveaway is bound to be a sure hit. You wouldn't even have to spend a fortune with our Cheap Laptop Bag with Flap. This handy bag is both stylish and functional featuring a laptop compartment with under flap organiser.

Imprinted back sacks

premium-reflective-rucksackPerfect for sporting and outdoor events, imprinted back sacks like this Premium Reflective Rucksack will quickly draw attention to your brand. With a large main compartment and reflective strip, this promotional rucksack will ensure extra brand exposure event at night.

Personalised paper bags

deluxe-brown-kraft-paper-minigiftA must-have for retail outlets, packaging options like personalised paper bags adds class to your presentation while promoting your brand outside the store. At Vivid Promotions, we have a selection of classic and upscale options including this Deluxe Brown Kraft Paper - Minigift. Other sizes are also available with an option for a 1 or 2 colour screen print decoration.

Custom printed shopping bags

detroit-tote-shopping-bagReusable and non-woven custom printed shopping bags like this Detroit Tote Shopping Bag is another popular reward tactic for retail outlets. An excellent alternative to plastic bags, this handy shopping bag features a large open compartment with baseboard for durability. A bold screen print decoration is recommended for this item.

3. Quantity of custom bags

full-colour-cotton-toteDepending on the type of custom bags, there are minimum orders required. The quantity of your order will also determine production or lead time. For smaller quantities, you can expect shorter lead times because the bags are post printed. The price per bag, however, is pricier. For higher quantities such as 1,000 to 5,000 pieces, inline printing is usually used which means longer lead time andless expensive price tag.

For this Full Colour Cotton Tote Bag, for example, we require a minimum order of 250 pieces at a 15-day service for sublimation print.

4. Decoration options

It also matters how you want your logo to be displayed on custom printed shopping bags. You have to consider ink colours as well as artwork. For most promotional shopping bags at high quantity orders, 1 to 2 colour screen printing is available. Request for 3 to 5 colour decoration may be available for select bags at additional charges.

5. Weight capacity

While cheap tote bags won't break the budget, they're not always an ideal choice because quality matters too. It's also important to pick a bag that's sturdy enough to accommodate your product or promotional item. Make sure you specify weight capacity when choosing custom printed shopping bags.

6. Production lead time

Finally, consider production lead time. Depending on the type of bag and the quantity ofyour order, allow 2 to 4 weeks of lead time. This is after artwork approval. For fewer quantity orders, expect a shorter wait time at a more expensive price per bag.

Ready to Order Custom Printed Shopping Bags?

If youre ready to order your custom printed shopping bags, you can start by requesting for a quote for free. Then well go from there.

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There are many reasons why a promotional bag is a useful promotional gift, but they're popularity is largely due to the fact that they are so handy and practical. Everybody needs a vessel of some sort to carry around their belongings so why not make it a custom printed promotional bag. An imprinted bag will be taken everywhere and really get your logo and branding out and about. A corporate bag can go on daily outings to shopping malls or markets, they can also be used on weekends away or overseas trips. A printed promotional bag can also be used at picnics, the beach and other outdoor leisure activities, or even in the workplace, at the gym or on job sites and mining sites. Custom bags are the type of promotional product that appeals to all target markets and they are popular across all age groups and genders. 

Vivid Promotions has many different types of bags on offer, some examples include our promotional drawstring bags and printed backsacks. These types of custom bags are a great multi-use bag and perfect just to grab last minute when you are looking for something handy to throw your belongings into. The Crush Backsack with its modern pre-printed design is perfect for a day out at the beach or if you are off to the gym. It comes is three great colour combinations and will look really striking custom screen printed with your company logo. 

Eco friendly bags are also extremely popular nowadays, especially with so many councils trying to ban the use of plastic bags in many retail outlets. Why not show your customers that you care about the environment with a custom printed environmentally friendly promotional bag. There are many different styles to choose from depending on your budget and your requirements. One modern and stylish looking option is the Jute Shopping Bag from the Orso Collection. This promotional jute bag is made from 100% natural materials and has reinforced handles for added durability. 

Corporate computer bags and corporate laptop bags are another popular custom printed bag option that is a surefire way to present your logo to a wide audience. Whether used in the workplace, at trade shows or out on business and sales meetings, a custom printed laptop bag is going to give out a message of professionalism and pride, something every business wants associated with it. If you are looking for an imprinted laptop bag that is a little different to all the others out there, take a look at our Retro Laptop Bag from Image Collection. This eye catching design with it's white piping feature will definitely get people talking about your brand. 

Picnic and cooler bags can also be effective at showcasing your brand to a wide and diverse audience and will give your logo great exposure as clients and customers enjoy themselves and have fun in the great outdoors. A custom printed picnic bag is a great promotional gift idea for wine related promotions by winery, promotions for cheese companies and other gourmet food companies looking to promote their goods. A branded picnic set is also ideal for any business just wanting to have their logo associated with good times and leisure activities, so any type of lifestyle business would really benefit from this type of promotion. Corporate cooler bags are also great for outdoor related companies, such as fishing related businesses, sports related businesses, adventure businesses and more. The 6 drink printed cooler bag is a great all round cooler bag that can not only hold and keep 6 cans cool but can also double as a lunch bag, making it perfect for tradies on job sites, for other outdoor workers and for weekend outings for two. 

These are just a few of the different types of logo bags on offer at Vivid Promotions Australia. Our online catalogue has the full range on offer and there are many different colours and styles available that there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Most of our promotional bags can be either custom embroidered or custom screen printed or in some cases full colour heat transfer printing may also be available. You can contact one of our sales staff today to talk about the different options available to see which will work best with the number of colours and layout of your company logo.